I registered for a Prayvine account. What should I do next?

Our goal at Prayvine is to help you connect with God. Here are some ways you can do that with Prayvine:

  • Write to God. Prayvine was designed to help you write and share prayers to God. You are writing to the Lord, so don't worry about "getting it perfect" or about what others might think. God loves you and wants to hear from you, and He will use your prayers to encourage others. Here are some thoughts on how you can be blessed by writing prayers.
  • Pray silently or verbally. As you read updates and prayer requests on Prayvine, take a moment to close your eyes (or turn off your screen) to spend time with God. He's already there with you at this very moment.
  • Click the Amen button. As you read someone else's prayer on Prayvine, express your agreement and affirmation by clicking the Amen button.
  • Invite friends to prayer together with you. Create new prayer communities and invite friends to pray together with you. Share prayers, prayer requests, and praises with another.


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